Connecting to the internet from within Geneious Prime

In order to activate a license, download plugins and search external databases like NCBI, Geneious needs to be able to connect to the internet.  If you have a firewall preventing direct access, or are behind a proxy server you may need to manually configure your connection settings.   

To do this: open your default internet browser (eg. Internet Explorer or Safari) and go to the connection settings:

  • In Internet Explorer these are under Tools→Internet Options→Connections→Lan Settings...
  • In Google Chrome, Settings→Show Advanced Settings→Change Proxy Settings
  • In Safari, Preferences→Advanced→Proxies (Change Settings...)
  • In Firefox, Tools→Options→Connection Settings

If a proxy server or an automatic configuration script are specified here then they must be put into the Geneious preferences also. To do this, select Preferences in the Tools menu in Geneious, or click the Preferences button at the top of the Geneious window. Set the proxy settings under the General tab to the same as those from your browser.

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