How can multiple users access the same database?

The best way to share data amongst a group of users is to set up a Shared Database.  This is an SQL database installed on your own in-house server that integrates seamlessly with Geneious via the Shared Databases icon in the Sources panel. Users can drag and drop files from their local database into the Shared Database to share with colleagues, and each user's access to individual folders within the database can be controlled by the server administrator. 

See chapter 19 of the Geneious user manual for further details. 

The local database (i.e. the "Geneious X.Y Data Location") cannot be shared by multiple users.



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    I'd like to use the Collaboration feature. I'm using Geneious R9 and my colleague is using R8 but is unable to access any of my files.

    Any solution?

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    Moreland Gibbs

    You can't reliably use the Collaboration tool to transfer between Geneious versions if the file format has changed between versions.

    If you are going to share files routinely then setting up a shared database would be your best option.

    Otherwise, export your files in .geneious format (this will allow you to set the compatibility version) and share the exported file.