Will I lose my data if I upgrade to Geneious Prime?

No, your data will automatically be transferred to the new version. However, we do suggest that you backup all of your data in Geneious just in case before you upgrade. You should use the Backup button in Geneious to do this.

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    José Pérez

    Hi Hilary,
    Can I import a backup created in Geneious version 10 into Geneious version 9?
    Thank you,

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    Moreland Gibbs

    It is not possible to import an R10 database backup (a zip file created with the Backup button) into an earlier version of Geneious as the R10 database structure is not compatible with R9 or earlier.

    You will need to install and run R10 and restore the backup file (you don't need an active R10 license to use it to import and export data).

    Then select the Local data folder and go menu File -> Export Folder. This will export the entire R10 data folder in .geneious format. The files will then be in a format that can be read by R9.

    Then install and run R9. Drag and drop the exported .geneious file into and empty R9 database to import it.