How do I recreate my local database if it has become corrupted?

1.  Export your Local folder (ie all the documents in your database) as a .geneious file and save it somewhere temporarily on your hard drive.  You can use the Backup button to do this, but make sure you select “Export local folder”, not “Archive all local data…”.  

2.  Create a new, empty database folder, preferably on your local drive in your User folder.  Call it something like "Geneious Prime Data New" or "Geneious X.Y Data New"  to distinguish it from your existing database (which will be called Geneious Prime Data or Geneious X.Y Data - the X and Y denote the version of Geneious).

3.  In Geneious, set this folder as your data storage location under Tools→Preferences→General.  Choose NOT to move your existing database to this location, but rather “Create an empty database at the new location”. This should show a new empty Local folder in Geneious.  Then drag the .geneious file you saved in step 1 into here to recreate your database.  

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    Liu Chenlang

    A lots appreciation for your help! the step 1 has been done successfully,and then,I am in trouble about create the database folder. could you please tell me more about how to create a new,empty database folder, preferably on My local drive in My User folder?

    sincerely &eagerly waiting for your guidance,Thank you very much!

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    Hilary Miller

    Hi Liu  

    You can actually do this automatically from within Geneious without having to create the folder on your drive first.   Just go to Tools->Preferences and type in a new name for your database folder in the data storage location option.  Make sure it is not within your existing database.  E.g. if the path to your database is currently showing as "C:/Users/Username/Geneious x.y Data", edit the path to read "C:/Users/Username/Geneious x.y Data New".  Click OK and at the prompt choose "create an empty database at the new location".   Geneious should then swap to showing an empty database, and you can just drag the .geneious file you saved in Step 1 into it.