Can I use a program like DropBox to store my database on?

Storing databases on a synchronising service is not recommended because the changes to the Geneious database need to be completely copied to the remote service for it to remain intact. Since outgoing connections can be quite slow it is too easy for the sync to be cut short and then when the other computer tries to sync with the remote service the local database is corrupted.

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    Sean McCauley

    If using the dropbox application is not recommended, is there another way to synchronize databases easily between computers not on the same network?  Is there a way to use the dropbox application that will minimize the risk of corruption?  

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    Helen Shearman

    We strongly advise against storing Geneious data directly in a cloud storage folder, like Dropbox, because data can easily become corrupted.  If you would like to access your Geneious database from multiple computers we recommend using a Geneious Shared database or an external drive.  For more information on these options, see How can I access my database from different computers?