How do I annotate promoters, antibiotic resistance sites and other features onto my plasmid?

In Geneious versions 6.0 and above, you can automatically annotate plasmids with common promoters, terminators, cloning sites, restriction sites, reporter genes, affinity tags, selectable marker genes, replication origins and open reading frames.  Select Annotate and PredictAnnotate From... (this function is labelled Find Annotations in 6.0) and select PlasMapper Features as the Source.  This will annotate plasmids with features found in the database used by PlasMapper. Download and run through the Transferring Annotations tutorial for more information.

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    Chris Thompson

    How do I create the PlasMapper Feature folder to act as a source for this function?

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    Helen Shearman

    The PlasMapper Feature folder is included in the Sample documents in Geneious,  although this folder may not be present if you have deleted the sample documents or created a fresh database at some point.  You can create a PlasMapper Feature folder by downloading the sequences from the PlasMapper website.

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    Jacob Corn

    I recently upgraded to 6.1 from 5.4, but had deleted my "Sample Documents" folder. Hence, I don't have the Plasmapper features. I tried downloading the PlasMapper source, which contains a db_vectorFeature directory filled with fasta-formatted features. But importing those features into Geneious and pointing the annotation finder to that folder yields nothing. No features are found and clicking "Apply" just deselects the feature finder. Can you please provide a bit more info on how to manually get the PlasMapper sources working with geneious?

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    Matt Kearse

    The easiest way is just to reimport the sample documents. Go to File -> Import -> Sample Documents.