How do I export the columns of the documents table to a file?

Select the documents in the documents table you want to export this information for and go to File→Export→Selected Documents.  In the dialog that appears, select "Comma-separated table values (csv)" or "Tab-separated table values (tsv) as the file format and click OK.  In the next dialog window, select the location to save the file and click ok.  In the next dialog window, select the columns from the documents table you want to export and click ok.

The resulting .csv or .tsv file is a text based file and can be opened in a variety of programs including Excel.

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    Martina Ikonen

    I created a list of restriction enzymes available in our lab and wanted to share the list. I exported the table as csv, but when my colleagues try to import the list, Geneious doesn't understand it as enzyme list but as sequences (of DNA or protein, or primers or probes), which causes errors. Is there a way which one could import the csv list (made in Geneious) to a similar list as it originally was?

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    Hilary Miller

    You need to export the actual restriction enzyme document to share a custom enzyme list.  The enzyme list document should have been created in the folder you were working in, and has a blue restriction enzyme icon. Export this document on .geneious format using File->Export->Selected Documents.  Then when it is imported it will be recognised as a geneious enzyme list document.