How do I allocate more RAM to Geneious Prime?

In Geneious, go into Tools→Preferences, and under the General tab increase the “Max memory available to Geneious”.  You may need to restart for the change to take effect. On Window Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10 you need to run Geneious as an administrator to change this setting (close Geneious, then right-click on the Geneious icon and choose “Run as administrator”).  

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    Florencia Camus

    I have tried to do this several times, but the lower left bar does not change from 500MB... 

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    Helen Shearman

    Do you have administrator rights on this computer?  You will need administrator rights to change the memory allocated to Geneious.  Have you restarted Geneious after changing the memory allocation?  What operating system is your computer?