Custom BLAST doesn't find any hits when it should

Occasionally users on Windows may find that custom BLAST reports no hits, even when using a sequence contained in the BLAST database as the query. To fix this, try the following: 

  1. Reinstall the custom BLAST executable to a new location. To do this, go to Tools->Add/Remove Databases->Set up Search Services, and type in a new folder name for the location of custom BLAST (e.g. Users/Username/Geneious 7.1 Data/BLAST2).  Click OK to let Geneious do the setup. Then try making your database again.

  2. If option 1 doesn't fix the issue, you may need to install the 32-bit BLAST executables instead of the default 64-bit executables.  To do this, delete your existing custom BLAST folder(s) from your Geneious Data folder, then manually download the win32 version of BLAST (ncbi-bast-2.2.29+-win32, available from  Extract this file to your data folder. Then go into Set up Search Services and point Geneious to this location (which should be Users/Username/Geneious 7.1 Data/Blast).  You will then need to remake your databases again. 


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    Pouda Panahandeh


    I tried both options and it did not work again. Is there any other option?



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    Hilary Miller

    Try the using the version 2.2.28+ executables instead.  You can download these from  Then follow the instructions for option 2 above to set up a new folder for custom BLAST. 

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    María Luisa Antequera Gömez

    Hi, I try all the options and I have this error all time:
    No results found for the search "Query - cereus5 Megablast".

    Do you have other solution?


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    Hilary Miller

    Hi Maria, I suggest you open a support ticket with us by clicking the support button in Geneious and we can look into it further. We will need to know what version of Geneious you are using and whether you can access other internet-related features in Geneious, such as the NCBI search folders, plugin download etc.