How do I release a license from Geneious?

If you no longer plan to use Geneious on a computer you should release your license from this machine. This can be done by going to Release License under the ‘Help' menu in Geneious ('Pro' menu in Geneious 5.6 and earlier).  Note that your computer must be connected to the internet in order to release the license, as it needs to contact our server.  This will only release the license from that machine - it is not possible to release license activations from other computers remotely.  Uninstalling Geneious from a machine will not release the license.

Note that there are a limited number of releases available within a given period of time and trying to release too often may be misconstrued as a user trying to share a personal license with others.  Only release a license when absolutely necessary.

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    Judit Villamor

    We have 3 diferent licenses on the team and I suspect that one computer has 2 diferent licenses on it but currently using one of the latests that we purchase. My question is, if I click on the "Release License(s)" button will it give me the option of chossing the license I want in case there are 2? or it will release only and automaticly the license that is open at the moment?

    Thank you

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    Hilary Miller

    If you are using R7 or above then you'll be given a list of licenses that can be released on your machine, and you can check which one you want to release.

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    How can I know when (the day, month and year) a license was activated in my computer?  Thank you..

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    Moreland Gibbs

    Please submit a support request from within Geneious via the Help menu, include your license details, and we will be able to provide the activation information.