How does a Geneious Prime subscription plan work?

A subscription plan allows you to use Geneious Prime for 1 year. You receive all new versions (upgrades), updates and comprehensive support for the entire subscription period.

See also What happens when my subscription license expires?

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    Peter Matthews

    The first things I want to know after completing the purchase is how to obtain my License key, and what name will be used by Geneious as the Licensee name?

    How these matters are handled should in fact be clarified in the order process, before payment is actually requested.

    Currently I am waiting to receive my licensee name and key, have not been told about these in the purchase process. But where should I look, and when?

    I have been looking in my email in box and trash and spam folders, but nothing there so far.

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    Hilary Miller

    Hi Peter
    If you purchase online your license is automatically generated and sent in an email. Your license was emailed to you yesterday. However you gave us a different email address from what you have listed here. I suggest you contact to verify what address you want to use, and to get them to re-send your license code to you.