How do I set or reset my Geneious account password?

Geneious accounts are only available to members of early access partner organisations.

If you received an email containing a Geneious license key when you purchased Geneious, you do not need a Geneious account to activate Geneious, instead enter your license key into the Activate Geneious dialog, as per the instructions in your email.

If you are not sure what type of licensing your organisation uses, please contact your system administrator.

To set or reset a password for your Geneious account.

When a Geneious account is created for you, you should receive an ‘Activate your Geneious Account’ email.  To set a password for your Geneious account, follow the instructions in this email.  If the Set password link has expired, follow the 'Reset password' instructions from the login page to receive a new link.

To reset your password follow the ‘Reset password’ link from the Login page.  A link to the Login page is provided in the ‘Welcome to Geneious’ email which you should have received after setting your password originally.

If you do not have these emails and your organisation uses account-based licensing to activate Geneious, please contact your system administrator for assistance.

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