MacOS Geneious Prime 2020 error: "Something is wrong with your FLEXnet install"

Update: This issue has been fixed in the Geneious Prime 2020.0.3 release which is now available for download.  Users updating from Prime 2020.0.2 should delete the folder /Library/Preferences/FLEXnet Publisher/ then go to Help->Install FLEXNet after installing 2020.0.3.  

Geneious Prime 2020.0.2 has an issue with installation of FLEXnet on MacOS for:

  • new MacOS users installing Geneious Prime for the first time with a personal or trial license, or
  • existing customers installing Geneious Prime 2020 for the first time on a new computer that is running MacOS




If you get the above error when installing Geneious Prime and FLEXnet, then please contact our support team via the Contact Us button on the Geneious toolbar, or the Contact support link at, and they will assist further.

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