Important information for Geneious Prime users working from home during the COVID-19 outbreak

We are committed to supporting Geneious Prime users who need to work from home through the situation with COVID-19. 

Users who normally access a floating license and are unable to connect to their organization's license server from home should contact their license owner or administrator.  All floating license owners will be sent offline license keys by the end of this week that users can activate directly in Geneious Prime on their home computers.  These licenses will allow you to use Geneious Prime outside of your institutional network, but internet access will be required to perform the initial activation.

Users on personal licenses can use their existing license keys on home computers, as these licenses allow up to 3 concurrent activations.  If you have already activated the license key on 3 computers, you will need to release the key on one of these computers to transfer it to a new machine.  If you are unable to do this please contact support.  

If you do not know your license key, please check with the license owner in the first instance, or contact the support team and we should be able to help.  

If you are not sure what type of license you have, you can find this information under Help->About Geneious Prime. 

Transferring data to home computers

Users who normally access Shared Databases hosted by their organization will need to have VPN access to their organization's network to connect to the Shared Database from home.  You will need to contact your organization's IT administrator to arrange this.  

If you wish to transfer data from a Shared Database to a Local Database, you can drag and drop files out of the Shared Database folders into the folders under Local in the Sources panel in Geneious Prime. 

If you work on a Local Database, this is normally stored in the User directory on the computer where Geneious Prime is installed.  To transfer the entire Local Database to another computer, we recommend using the Backup button in Geneious Prime to make a copy of it, transferring the backup to an external drive, and then using "Restore Backup" under the File menu to restore this to another computer.  

If you only need to transfer a few files to another computer, select those files or folders, and go to File->Export->Export Folder (or File->Export->Selected Documents).  Choose .geneious as the export format to retain all associated formatting and file information.  Then drag and drop these files directly into Geneious Prime on your home computer. 

Please see the following articles for further information:

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